In defence of writing slowly

I don’t want to be a glib, fast writer. I want to take care with what yearns to be expressed. With deep attention and consideration … to feel into the nuances and articulate the rarely-articulated.

What is in your heart, what is in your soul that needs to come out, is pre-verbal. It is delicate and diaphanous, and when you use words too hastily, you rip fragile thoughts apart, and end up failing to express what you desired to express initially.

A couple of hundred words might easily take me an hour or more.

We are told not to edit as we write. I think what they mean is for grammar and comprehension. But I need to edit as I write, for meaning, to make sure I’m conveying the essence of high-level thoughts, beyond the realm of where most people’s thinking is at.

Because many of us are here to carve new paths in the world that are alternative to the mainstream. Many of us are exploring new thoughts and attempting to express our broader vision. Many of us are choosing to create alternative options for how we live, rather than confronting or fighting dysfunctional systems head on.

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