Writing Beyond The Filters

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I’m running a little late today, so I was browsing through some of my drafts to see what I could quickly send off as a Daily Note.

But when I looked at some of my drafts, they felt off and inappropriate. I had written in my copy-writing voice that I’m sure many of you know about. And I don’t want that voice anywhere in my work anymore. To me it now sounds shallow, fake, desperate, aloof, professional, and a tad manipulative.

Imagine receiving a letter from your sister, and a letter from a politician. That is the quality of difference I’m trying to explain.

There is clearly an internal filter that goes up when you find yourself talking to your loved ones, including friends compared to talking with those you hope to impress and dazzle with your brilliance, and thereby influence them to hopefully take the action that you want from them.

This filter distances the real you and replaces it with an illusion of yourself that you hope people will like and accept. We are taught this. It is called being professional. But most of us don’t see this disassociation, this splitting off from ourselves and segmenting it.

The dilemma is sharper, I perceive, for women. Women don’t segment their lives in the way that men do. There are brain-design differences that explain why that is, which I’ll go into elsewhere.

And this is one of the pillars of my work … how women’s biology influences the way they process and respond to the world, and how this is totally invisible to men. We are not gender-homogenous in our psychology or consciousness.

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