Wounded Womanhood

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The Mary Magdalene archetype is the ultimate healer of Wounded Womanhood.

Wounded Womanhood is felt by women when they feel inauthentic and unpotentiated in any realm of their life. Wounded womanhood is felt rather than articulated. You feel there is something askew, something unfulfilled, something gone off track, something held back, something not begun. It lies at the core of your being, at the core of your relationship with yourself, with others, with the Cosmos.

The pain in your soul is wounded womanhood.

Wounded womanhood can also be termed stunted womanhood, like bound Chinese female feet.

Womanhood that hasn’t been allowed to flourish into its true essence, its true nature, to blossom into its divine feminine aspect.

Constant compromise is a large part of wounded womanhood, as is self-denial and martyrdom. Wounded women feel unappreciated, misunderstood. They feel lonely. Wounded womanhood is born out of a web of untruths, lies and deception. Some innocent, some contrived. This web extends beyond family into culture. It extends beyond the current time back into the past, for thousands of years. Wounded womanhood is seeded and maintained in women by both men and women.

The most insidious aspect of wounded womanhood is self-hatred and self-blame for failing to live up to ideals or failing in the fulfilment of goals. Thoughts about yourself are harsh, judging, and highly critical. Thoughts about other women also tend to be harsh, judging and highly critical.

Do you think you have moved beyond wounded womanhood? Here’s pretty much the ultimate test: How do you feel about your body? Do you love it unconditionally? Ouch!

Wounded womanhood is a cultural standard. You will be rare if you do NOT have a sense of wounded womanhood. Wounded womanhood is therefore normal. But it is not healthy.

We need to transcend wounded womanhood, to outgrow it, to heal it by coming into a spiritual maturity. Wounded womanhood is a symptom of women who have not claimed their authentic feminine power. Wounded womanhood is perpetuated by isolating women from each other, and normalising the competitiveness between them.

The cause of wounded womanhood is unbalanced, exaggerated masculine consciousness. Yes, this leads to wounded manhood too, but for a variety of reasons that will be explained elsewhere, women will be the ones to correct the balance by (i) exploring, recognising, and claiming their authentic feminine glory, and (ii) by learning to recognise and call out the unbalanced, exaggerated masculine consciousness in action. It is an inner game with real-world consequences to heal and re-calibrate society and our planet.

Wounded womanhood will be replaced by a deep, existential self-confidence and self-assuredness. A relishing, enjoyment, and celebration of your core femininity. Wounded womanhood is replaced by Holy(Whole-y) Womanhood, which is epitomised by Wisdom, Strength, and Love. Holy Womanhood is aligned to the authentic Divine Feminine creative force of the Cosmos, where our weaknesses and vulnerabilities that we have been scorned for, actually emerge as our hidden strengths.

The basic tools are fast and easy to learn.

Naturally, this doesn’t happen all at once. This is a gradual transition, a ripening. It begins with an inner knowing, a core certainty that you feel in the centre of your being, that you feel ready to embrace the Higher Truth of things. This knowledge comes with a responsibility, which is why not everyone will embrace it.

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