The World Has Now Split Into Two Realities

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In this fresh energy of the New Year, from where I write, the message is becoming solidly clear … choose your alignment. Where you want to go, you cannot take your baggage with you!

So many of us straddle the two worlds of tyrant-victim and of sovereign being. But we can’t have it both ways. Not any more, as, according to a leading energy activist, Lucia René, the actually splitting away and disentangling from each other began irrevocably, a few days ago, at the last Solstice. It’s increasingly now either one or the other.

For the longest time I’ve felt these two parallel realities operating simultaneously in our world, each going into different futures. The trajectory of the establishment – politics, science, technology, education, the sickness industry, finance, – is heading towards a Star Wars and Stormtrooper future, the dystopia that so many film directors love to show us in their blockbusters. This is the transhumanist agenda of merging humans with technology.

The other trajectory of the emergent sovereign being is more expansive but less certain as we are currently in the collective process of shaping and designing it. This is the impulse behind that sense of Life Purpose, Calling, or Mission that prompted so many of us onto this challenging path.

Lucia clarifies this separation of the two reality streams with the following touchpoints:

*There are literally 2 distinct playing fields at this point
*One is the old-paradigm, 3D-Patriarchy, enslavement-to-the-system, power-over, physical world
*The other is the new paradigm, 5D-form-formlessness-intersection, no-separation-from-Source world
*Both broadcast, to those playing on that field, “this is reality”, “this is the real world”, “these issues are important”…
*And, in both camps, the belief in their own world is strong.

Be mindful of which world are you putting your attention on. Your attention is energy. Which one are you feeding?

From my perspective, this split is along masculine-feminine lines, particularly in which is allowed to LEAD. If you’re not comfortable with the masculine-feminine concept, how about left.brain-right.brain? Or Ego-Soul? Or Head-Heart? They are all the same energetics.

For light workers and spiritual entrepreneurs, the playing field of consciousness has now been distinctly upleveled. The grace period is over. It’s time to play a much more certain, inspired, and confident game, and stop looking for answers from the old world.

YOU! You are the pioneers of this new world. This is now a matter of huge priority and importance.

It really is time to transcend any limitations that have been programmed into us through a variety of traumas and hypnotism. Any imprints these have left on your psyche are there to empower you and align you with your purpose, your mission, your role in creating a better future alternative for humanity. LEAD with these and stop trying to fix them. Embrace your wounds as part of the perfect totality of you. Absorb them into your being as points of unique insight, and stop rejecting them as unwanted and alien to you. The time for fighting against yourself is over.

You cannot take your baggage with you. It will keep pulling you back into the masculine-matrix world.

The Winds of Change are now blowing more strongly.

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