What if I told you that the feminine way of success doesn’t take willpower … that it doesn’t take self-discipline … that you don’t need never-ending to-do lists …

Would that be of interest to you?

Yes? Let me start by making a few guesses about you …

You have a big dream in your heart, maybe even as powerful as to call it a mission or a life purpose.

You want more joy, flow, abundance and happiness in your life … and you think that by focusing on your big dream and designing that into a business, you may be able to create this.

And I’m guessing that you have already tried this and you’re now in one of these three situations …

1. It didn’t work out, and you’re blaming yourself (lack of discipline, lack of willpower, etc), or
2. It DID work out, and you are outwardly “successful” but in your heart, you are not happy. Something vital got lost along the way, and you feel pretty well on to the path to burnout … if it hasn’t happened already. Or
3. You’re currently working very, very, very hard to push through to making your business successful.

Now I’m here to tell you … honey, it’s not YOU who is wrong … or a failure.
You are trying to grow something in an environment that isn’t really designed to support it.

That’s happening in one of two ways:

1. the internal environment of your thoughts and beliefs about what is possible, and

2. how you have been educated about how to design your business and to grow it in a way that is nourishing and in integrity with your big dream or calling.

And that’s what I specialise in … recalibrating how you think about yourself and what is possible, and teaching you to approach the design or redesign your business so that it is a true and joyful expression of the big work you are here to do.

You see, we are here at a changeover time in history, where the masculine and feminine energies are rebalancing. And although the feminine energy is on the rise, many of our thoughts, beliefs and actions are still based in the masculine framework – especially when it comes to business.

Women are caught between these two waves in ways that men are not. We are feeling the strong tug of the new, but we are still driven by the old – and that is causing huge emotional and psychological frustrations for women who feel compelled to create a more soulful life and livelihood but who are still being taught the old paradigms of manifestation.

Why listen to me?

I’ve spent over three decades teasing apart the threads of what defines us as women and how we weave our reality – both individually and collectively. With my special blend of spiritual metaphysics, psychology, and entrepreneurism, I have developed an expertise in feminine energetics, internally and externally.

Through extensive research, study, and life experience, I have created leading edge paradigms for empowering feminine consciousness that liberates the heart and soul, and unleash new possibilities into the world. Through women like you.

So …
I’m not going to put a whole big menu of options here, because I’d love us to start with just one juicy, roll-up-your-sleeves mindset and strategy conversation where you will gain a re-energised and sustained sense of purpose, an aligned action outline, and a draft of a spacious business model.

2 hours for US$150  

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My promise to you:  If it’s clearly not happening for both of us after 30 minutes, we just call it quits, with no hard feelings. I will refund 70% of your payment.

And see what it leads to from there. For many, this will be all they want or need.

If you have any questions, send me an email – marlowe (at) WildMary.co

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