Wired for Gender

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When you are a female human, there are added dimensions to your internal life that are never acknowledged or even recognised by male humans. They can only guess, and most often they guess wrongly. Some have speculated that men and women are two distinct species.


Let me be clear about how I approach gender in my work. In almost every case, the cells in our body are either male or female. Each cell in our body is informed by chromosomes, which are molecules in our DNA, that are either XX (female) or XY (male). So from a cellular level, our physical bodies are cast in either male or female form.


I am not going to be pedantic about the finer distinctions that inhabit in the twilight regions, because I’m a metaphysician and I focus on the energetic aspects and interplay of each gender.


We live in a dualistic world, a world of polarities, and male and female dynamics are required for creation.


There is an energetic dance between feminine and masculine that expresses at every level of the cosmos, at every dimension and frequency. In the world of matter and in the world of spirit, and in every nuance in between. It’s poetic and ineffable, diaphanous and rhythmic. But for most of us, men and women, it’s invisible except at the most overt level, and even there, the distinctions are becoming blurred.


This Gender Dance is a foundational theme of my work, with my focus being on the feminine in particular, because she has been whitewashed out of consciousness due to the overwhelming resonance of the masculine. And while the feminine encompasses the masculine, the masculine does not encompass the feminine. She is foreign and alien to the male consciousness.


Much of the information I offer will be aimed at your intelligent intuition, so it will be strong on the theoretical  and minimal on the woo-woo, so that you will comprehend the dynamics when applied to practical situations.

Because that is where the real spiritual work occurs … here, in the real world.

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