So, Who Is Wild Mary?

Wild Mary is the archetype of the wild, raw feminine woman, who is ably supported by her willing masculine consort.

So Wild Mary represents the synergised, self-actualised, leaderful woman. A woman who leads with her heart. Her soul. But who doesn’t abandon her intellectual side, because it is a part of who she was designed to be. Heart and Intellect together holistically, synergistically.

Wild Mary represents a woman who has a well-developed Inner Feminine and a well-developed Inner Masculine. Which makes her a woman who is not limited by social constraints but is also not defined by opposition to either men or the system.

Wild Mary is the embodied form of the feminine creative principle of the cosmos, working in easy co-creation with the masculine creative principle, both within her psyche, and externally in the world.

Wild Mary doesn’t understand opposition, because it is a continuation of an unbalanced masculine game.

Wild Mary sees the larger cosmos of infinite possibilities and allows her heart to guide her decisions, and her head to assist in the implementation.

Wild Mary is

* Bold
* Unequivocally feminine
* Radiant
* Boisterous
* Exuberant
* Vast
* Timeless

The Wild Mary Name

The name Mary was chosen for its obvious religio-spiritual acknowledgment of both Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary, both powerful iconic symbols of feminine spiritual strength in the Western tradition.

However, the name Mary goes even deeper than that …

Many historical scholars agree that Mary was first a TITLE of respect. That’s why so many women in the bible were called, or referred to as Mary.

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