How to unpack your warehouse of wisdom … start somewhere

Have you forgotten how much you actually know? Decades worth of other people’s ideas and your own ideas, jumbled and tangled together in your subconscious. Then you get it into your head that you want to organise it, systemise it, so you can leave a legacy for others to benefit from. FFS, where do you start?

For many women, including me, this is a formidable challenge that often immobilises us from showing up. Sometimes forever.

Because this is something that affects women differently from men. Many studies into women’s confidence show that they set themselves overwhelmingly high standards that are unrealistic, before they allow themselves to move forward as a leader. Men, on the other hand, tend to believe they’ll figure it out on the way, so they begin their journey much sooner. This is one of the reasons you see more male experts in any field, even those considered traditionally feminine.

So, I’ve reached a point (finally!!!) where I’ve had enough of my own inaction. I’ve had enough of studying and trying to emulate perfection in a way that suited my personal style. The search for which proved elusive, I might add.

The solution showed itself in elegant simplicity. Just do what makes my heart sing. Bugger what the experts say. And it makes my heart sing to open up my heart to you, in these small daily messages.

And here’s what I’ll be opening up about. This is my particular tapestry that I’ve been called to weave together:

Nature of Reality.
The nature of this reality, and beyond. Using the Gender Fractal for navigation. (Wha?)
The Matrix and how we are unwittingly co-opted to participate, and how we can detach.
The layers of deceptions, modern and ancient. How reality is cast for us, not by us.
The Changing Economic and Employment Landscape, and riding the wave skilfully.
The new Cosmic Age of Aquarius and the changing of the guard.

Organic feminine magic
The feminine principles of creation
Language as a magical tool

Brain & Consciousness
Brain as your bio-computer for consciousness.
The feminine brain and the masculine brain.
The nature of feminine consciousness and masculine consciousness.
The balance and imbalance of feminine and masculine consciousness.

The Feminine as Natural Leader. Yes, it’s true, and I will show you.
Authentic feminine power and feminine leadership.
Aligned Feminine Business and Success Principles.
Intuition as your primary compass in life and business.

All this translates to how YOU, as a woman, can step into your full feminine power and awareness as a creator in your own right, and shape your own inner and outer world, as well as helping to move the larger world to a new era of natural prosperity for all beings.

I do not teach dogma or systems. I teach principles and offer guidelines, for you to make your own informed power-filled choices in the world. With utter confidence.

Why? …
Because we are at a threshold of a new beginning. We are poised on the edge of the emerging Age of Aquarius. The point of power is always in the present moment. So if we, as a collective human consciousness, desire to re-create our consensual reality in a particular way, then we need a fresh approach to that which has carried us to this point of Big-Brother-On-Steroids singularity. Where, despite the purported liberation of the feminine, it is actually being subsumed by a higher order of masculine limitation.

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