The unsuspected power of the Feminine

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Exploring the theme of macrocosmic energetics, feminine consciousness can be considered the wave form of energy, while masculine consciousness can be considered the particle form of energy.

If you need some background to understand this statement, quantum scientists are aware that all matter consists of wave-particle duality. There is the famous double-slit experiment, first done in 1801, that discovered that light behaved as both particles and waves, and that what the observer expected, was the result they got.

Now, remember that every duality has a feminine expression and a masculine expression.

So taking this duality of matter into the realm of consciousness, it is the feminine consciousness that is behind Intuition. And feminine consciousness moves into the crevices and “empty” spaces between what exists.

But, scientists are also discovering that space is not as empty as it was first assumed, and that at the subatomic and vibrational levels, there is an astounding amount of inherent energy. The term that scientists use to identify this is called Zero Point Energy, and represents a new frontier for exploration. Something the masculine consciousness excels in.

To give you an idea of the potency of the energy in ‘empty’ space, Richard Feynman, the famed physicist, claimed that one teacup of empty space contains enough energy to boil all the world’s oceans.

Bringing things back to our daily life, consider the term ‘nothing.’ No thing. Aka, the field of potential, the realm of every possibility.

These are the dark realms of the feminine.

Your capacities as a woman are of equal magnitude of being astounding.


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