Through the eyes of a Priestess

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There are many kinds of Priestesses. But what defines their commonality is that their right-brain capacities function more strongly than for most people.

They are visionary. They bridge what is here, now, with what could be.

Their intuition and psychic skills are more active.

They keep their power, defined from the feminine perspective, hidden behind a socially acceptable facade.

They would prefer the company of women to the company of men, because women communicate at a much richer, deeper level than men.

They are deeply empathic and can sense the energy of emotions of people.

They can empathically sense the presence of unseen beings.

They communicate and gather information from other dimensions, relaying it back to the human level for insight or actioning.

They are not afraid of death, which they understand as a birth into another level. They know for certain that life continues.

They can foresee the trajectories of people’s lives based on their current attitudes and behaviours.

And a lot more. Now imagine if you used these capacities in your own work and in your business. This would be how new directions unfold.

I believe that Priestesses (acknowledged and not-yet-acknowledged) are the handmaids of the returning feminine energy that signals the beginning of a new era on this Earth plane.

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