The value of elegance

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Elegance is one of my highest values. Wait. How is elegance a value?

Many suns ago, early in my spiritual counselling career, I taught Emotional Elegance. I realised that most people were simply emotionally clumsy, and were simply not aware of have their interpersonal needs met in a positive, mutually supportive way.

The foundation of Emotional Elegance was compassionately seeing each other as Soul who, in their human self, had never been taught a better way than game playing and manipulation to get emotional validation from the people dear to them. It’s not generally modelled to us in our culture. Even our entertainment, most romance-comedy stories add a dash of dishonesty at the beginning, the untangling of which the rest of the story is then woven around.

There are very few emotionally elegant examples around us to learn from. Not in our families, not in our workplaces, not in our institutions, not in our business dealings.

But it’s not who or how we are at our core.

Anyway, early this morning, in the twilight of my awakening, it occurred to me that energetic elegance is also important to me. I realised that I am searching for How to be my most effective, efficient, and powerful self in a way that is most pleasing both to myself and to those I’m hoping to influence and guide.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m always soft and gentle. I enjoy initiating a good jolt to entrenched beliefs and attitudes. Including mine. I’d never do to anyone else what I wouldn’t put myself through.

So with the energetic elegance paradigm, I can begin to identify, articulate and navigate my own path, even though I might be learning from strong teachers. Rather than adapting myself to the teachings, I am more aware of adapting the teachings to my own sense of energetic elegance that takes into account how I am designed and what I am here to do.

This is important for me to know about myself because I tend to be a chameleon, temporarily absorbing the energetic essence of strong individuals who I learn from and who are actively encouraging emulation of their styles and systems.

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