The Radiance Dial

My soul asked me recently, how radiant would I allow myself to be? How brightly am I willing to shine?

On the surface, the answer seems easy. Unlimited, as much as I possibly can.

Then the earth-bound ego chimes in … not so fast!

No surprises. But I wanted to go deeply into this, to navigate to my core truth, so I leaned into this idea as much as I dared.

This is what I uncovered.

By default, we are already intensely radiant. You can see this with young children.

But this radiance is not maximally limited by our human beingness. We can increase it, by degrees or exponentially, with what we allow.

You see, radiance is a byproduct of consciousness. The more conscious you are, the more radiant you are.

But it’s scary. Just like Marianne Williamson said, it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Because how high are we willing to dial up? How brightly do we desire to shine?

Many women right now are feeling a call to shine powerfully and strongly. This is exactly who I write these daily notes for. Because it’s a confusing journey, with abundant misdirections and distractions. For many of us our darkness is not even noticed anymore because it has settled in and become comfortable.

I desire to be the NASA for Feminine Consciousness. I desire to shine as brightly as a fucking supernova, launching other supernova sisters, and I’m terrified.

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