The other feminine

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I’ve come to realise recently that I’m not here to help you do anything.

Rather, I’m here to help you BE.

Be deeper. Be wiser. Be connected.

Be a creator of reality.

Be a feminine woman of great internal power.

And if that helps you to be a better lover, mother, sister, daughter, then wonderful.
And if that helps you to earn six figures each month, then good luck to you. And enjoy it, for you surely deserve it.
And if that helps you to be a woman of influence who can shape events and outcomes, bloody brilliant!

But that’s not my intention. And I’m not going to promise those results.

Because your destiny of greatness may not even BE in any of those areas.

You are searching, but you don’t know for what. You’ll know it when you find it. Oh, yeah, that’s for sure.

But first, it’s a process of elimination.

You’re bored with surface, Barbie-doll living …

You’re bored with seeing the happy, beautiful people in staged photos …

You’re bored with the facile, desperate hustle masquerading as quantum leap teachings …

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these.

We are living in evolutionary times.
Many streams of suppressed knowledge springing forth now like geysers.
Certainly we are in times where things move incredibly quickly.

But …

Other things are ancient, timeless, and move not at all. They just are. Always. In the background. Unsuspected. Hidden, but in plain sight.

I know a lot of this realm. It is the Priestess realm. It is the raw feminine realm.

Where it’s not just about feeling hot and sexy, but also old and invisible,
Where it’s not just about adventure and success, but also about pain and decay.
Where it’s not just about having it all, but also about losing it all.

When you are done with being a surface woman, and ready to be a deeper woman, look me up.

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