The Horizontal Mind

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I don’t know about you, but I am bloody brilliant when I’m lying awake in my bed in the early hours of the dark morning. So many cosmic mysteries reveal themselves to me at those times, often in great detail. Lucid ideas dance inside my head that I know I have to bring out into the world as part of my body of work, so sometimes I even take notes just to quiet my thoughts so I can get back to sleep.

But when I’m up and at my computer in the morning, something weird happens and the magic just isn’t there, even if the details are still reasonably clear. I dry up, and the ideas sound stilted.

Without going into all the background details here, there is a bio-mechanical process that is happening that explains all this.

Simply, when your spine is vertically oriented, ie, standing or sitting, your left masculine brain is the main operator. But when your spine is horizontal, it’s your right feminine brain who is set free.

It’s almost like there is a flow-valve between the two brains.

The Western Mystery school teachings support this. One mystery is that the cross, symbolic of the crucifixion, is representative of the two creative principles of the cosmos. The vertical axis representing the masculine and the horizontal axis representing the feminine.

So when you’re in bed at night, having the cosmic mysteries streamed into your mind via your right brain activation, this gets shut off once you get up and stay upright during the day. That magic connection is gone. At your computer, it is the logical left brain running the show, which tries to be logical and reasonable.

This is also why you tend to have more expansive thinking when you’re reclining or laying on the beach. It is also why Freud introduced the couch into his psychoanalytic sessions, because the patient could more easily let their defences down.

This is a broad brushstroke description of a fascinating topic that I have investigated deeply, and will continue to share in future posts. And although I have outlined the default process for most people, both men and women, it’s important to realise that the right brain feminine consciousness can be drawn more strongly into the upright world with practice.

Those of you who have followed me for a while may know about my Internal Gender Paradigm hypothesis which suggests that our left brain is the processor of Masculine Consciousness and the right brain is the processor of Feminine Consciousness. In a nutshell, this is how the two cosmic creative principles are stepped down and how we use these to create our reality.

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