The Feminine Solution

Feminine Solution

What is the Feminine Solution?

At its most basic, the Feminine Solution is about incorporating Heart into all aspects of our cultural life. Which means Caring, Compassion, and Conscience, to name but a few qualities.

It is about pulling the left brain intellect away from primary decision making, and relegating it to a support service. In its place, the Heart leads, and the intellect is put to work to fulfil the Heart’s vision.

The Heart is what makes us human when we are at our best. When we use the adjective human, it often implies a high level of decency and integrity. But, alarmingly, the Heart has been all but displaced from the corporate worlds of power and money.

And, an important note: The Feminine Solution is NOT about only women leading. The Feminine Solution can be applied by both genders, although in the beginning, women will be more fluent in applying the Feminine Solution.

The Feminine Solution to what, exactly?

The trajectory of our culture that is taking humanity to the threshold of a very ugly, unnatural future.

I am not advocating the superiority of women over men. Nor of feminine energy as being superior to masculine energy. But, in all honesty, the masculine energy has prevailed over the last few thousand years, and has really reached its extreme expression in the last century with rapacious militarisation, corporatisation, exploitation of finite resources, desecration of the planet, and generally added to the misery load of people all over the world, of all cultures.

Is this as good as things can get for us? Is this the pinnacle of what humanity can achieve?

And the irony is that the worst of masculine excess has been applied while women have been making breakthroughs from historic oppressions. I would surmise this extreme masculinisation of our culture in recent years is an almost hysterical or tantrum-like attempt to put the emerging feminine energy back into the box with über-controls, government paranoia, corporate deceptions and faux-transparency.

The solution is NOT about femininising our current systems, and putting in women executives. Women can play the corporate game as well as the men, when they, too, abdicate their heart.

The solution is in imagination, creativity, justice, intuition, compassion, love, joy, peace, healing, collaboration, cooperation, heart-to-heart connections. It is about remembering our basic humanity and making things personal and meaningful again.

So where would we start with implementing the Feminine Solution?

It’s really quite easy. The Feminine Solution is readily accessible to all of us, men and women. It lives within the right brain.

Feminine is, for all intents and purposes, synonymous with right-brain. And conversely, masculine is synonymous in our culture with left-brain.

And the Heart is one with the right-brain. They are the same.

To cultivate the inner Feminine, in both men and women, it is simply a matter of cultivating right-brain awareness and appreciation. And to give these insights credence and priority over left-brain analysis and reduction.

This won’t be easy, but it’s absolutely necessary.

Have you noted your reaction to my use of the word Feminine? Have you felt squirmish and doubtful about the effectiveness of advocating such a position? This is a reflection of the deeply ingrained bias and suspicion against the feminine in our culture, despite a century and a half of efforts to change things.

Fortunately, the Feminine is good at being rebellious and subversive.

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