The Cult of Busy

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Our entire western culture is founded on the idea of the Protestant work ethic which was set into place during the reformation era by Martin Luther. The harder you worked, the more God would be pleased with you, and the better the chances would be that you would get to go to Heaven.

The worst thing is to be called was Lazy. Especially at our house, being German and all.

Question: How much of your busyness is a result of proving to your internalised parent that you’re not lazy?

Almost all women fill our life up so much with commitments and promises that we put ourselves into an almost permanent state of guilt because there was always something ELSE that we need to be doing.

And then after a while, these become unfulfilled commitments and broken promises, which takes the guilt to a whole new level.

But, because I’m a passive-aggressive rebel, I find it hard to play that game for any great length of time, so I’m allowing my intuition to take the lead more and more.

I learned long ago that I’m a much more pleasant person that way.

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