That space between your ears

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Our inner feminine and inner masculine each have two energetic phases. The expansive and the contractive. I encourage you to simply observe these dynamics within yourself without judgment.

Our inner masculine is the soul energy that is filtered and processed by our left brain.
Our inner feminine is the soul energy that is filtered and processed by our right brain.

Both have a higher aspect and a lower aspect.

The higher aspect might be called the divine or the empowered aspect. It is all that is the very best of each of these creative principles.

And yes, you guessed it, there are lower aspects to each as well. These might be referred to as toxic, or more correctly, wounded. These are the the un-creative principles of pain, fear, and deconstruction.

These don’t go away, no matter how much inner work you do on yourself. They constitute part of the larger birth-death-rebirth cycle. You can expect, however, that the entire vibrational frequency of this cycle is lifted to higher octaves.

ONE of these is your main operating style. The more self awareness you have, the more likely you are to be centred in the higher aspect.

And don’t think these aspects have hard boundaries. They tend to merge and bleed into each other, and muddy each other up. And crash each other’s parties.

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