With the ability to see into people’s present and their past, weaving together completely unrelated (seeming) threads to show them the finished tapestry that is their best future.

What always strikes me about Marlowe is her absolute zest for learning about whatever piques her curiosity and sense of adventure.

You have endless curiosity in terms of spiritual development then helping them to create an individualized path to that tapestry/future. This is a very rare skill–the ability to tie together unrelated bits into something gorgeous and perfect. And Marlowe, you are amazing at this.

Such a huge, bold gift. So needed in this world of cookie-cutter paths and templates and one-size fits all. You see the details that create an individual’s essence and then you help them use these gorgeous tools for good and beauty.

It’s so, been there-done that and I’ve lived through it so you don’t have to. Again, this is how I see Marlowe…she’s done it, so you don’t have to and you can get close to living the wild side (or what others around you might see as “wild” yet you have a feeling – and she has a knowing – it’s “wild” but is your “truth”) without having to worry about the “ugly” and the “fear-based”.

You are a force to be reckoned with – and you have a lovely soft side too.

I see you on the cutting edge of new ideas and concepts and able to weave together so much stuff and see how it is all inter-related. That means you can simplify it.

You can create a completely new path for people that doesn’t just look like a re-hash of what everyone is being taught.

You are a real Maverick; not afraid to play around and ask the bold, brave questions.

You are the big sister for women everywhere.

You are a big thinker who may be afraid of being caught in details, but in truth, it’s your ability to see so many details at once (then do something with those details) that allows you to create the tapestry.

You give the impression that you’ve been there, you’ve done that, you’ve seen it all…and that we can all learn from you. You can be our tour guide. You’ll allow us to play with the fire, but you’ll make sure we don’t get burned.

You are unique and such a gift to those who connect with you.

WOW! I cannot tell you how you spoke exactly what I needed to hear! Like this answered a question I didn’t even know to ask.