Spirit as more real than “real”

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For me, my spiritual reality is more ‘real’ than physical reality.

And I love to empower my spiritual strength so that my physical reality is more playful and impactful for those around me.

I admit I find it hard these days to get excited about courses that teach me to earn 6-figures, but I DO get excited about courses that indicate they will reveal how to be more spiritually potent.

Because from that place, earning 6-figures (if I chose to) would be more easeful.

I admit I’m motivated by power. My own power as a conscious creator.

I am conscious of what I don’t know, of where my gaps are in my spiritual knowledge. The evidence of my own life shows me. So I’m constantly scanning for information to fill those gaps. My inner compass is my best friend in this regard. It recognises a Truth that is perhaps scattered amongst empty or embellished words, and I collect those, like exotic beads from which I can make my own jewellery.

It’s very rare that I buy into someone else’s final design, as they are often dogmatic and rigid about it. And it’s these qualities that grate against my Soul.

But I do enjoy exploring energetic processes of the frequencies of consciousness. Which could be analogised to jewellery making techniques … what to DO with those exotic beads I’ve collected. You see, I want to know how to wield my creative power with the most effect, for the most oomph. For myself, and for those who see what I’m doing and also want to know. Perhaps I’m an undercover fairy godmother in training? 

I certainly have nothing against the 6-figure conversations … they are the physical manifestation of the sparkle of the magic of manifestation. And I love people who are attracted to that, because I believe the allure is not greed, but, in fact, about the magic of creation. They are also seeking to empower themselves, but are looking at it from the mental plane.

Which is all to say that I’ve embarked on another learning journey, so watch this space.  

Oh, and as sure as I was in my bones, at 8 years old, that I NEVER wanted to have children, I am just as certain that this will by my last incarnation in the third/fourth dimension. I aim to play me a more powerful game after this one.

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