Singing your song into the world

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It’s time for me to speak about resonance and how important this is.

If you’re a singer or a musician, you’ll understand this language. (For the record, I am neither.)

But it has a wider application to all of life. Because life is vibration, so it can be dispassionately looked at through the science of energetics.

If we start off with a particular frequency, and add in other frequencies, two main things can happen. They harmonise and reinforce each other, or they weaken and even cancel each other.

Another thing that can happen. The first frequency, if it’s strong enough, can bring discordant frequencies into harmony. This is called entrainment. This is how people who think they can’t sing can become part of a choir.

So the wider application of resonance is in your soul work, whether in life or in your business. Think of it this way …

Your soul, your life-force, is your primary frequency. It is clear and strong. It has a particular soul-song to sing into the world.

And each of your many internal selves have their own frequency. So the many roles you play in your life, and the various personas you present to the world.

Strong, weak, timid, artistic, confident, emotional, etc, etc. They are all over the place.

The most important sense of self to note is the one who you believe yourself to be.

If you’re a “normal” woman, you will not feel confident about yourself and would resist singing your soul-song into the world.

This creates a problem.

You have a song to sing, but you’re not letting yourself. Or you have all sorts of rules about how it should be done, so it comes out distorted.

The result is that your soul frequency is counteracted.

From where I sit, there are two main ways this can be resolved.

One: work on each of the discordant frequencies and heal them one by one, until you bring most of them into harmony with your soul frequency, so that you have a strong resonance.

Two: Focus on your soul frequency and sing that song strongly into the world, so that the discordant frequencies become entrained. Doing it this way saves a lot of time, effort, and money.

This is the area of my genius.

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