Imagine who you could be if your Head and your Heart actually fell in love


Imagine if your head and heart worked together to make your dreams come true in an authentically strategic way.  

I’m guessing this is what you might imagine it looking like …

  • Being clear and confident with the implementation of your life purpose.
  • Feeling adored and supported by your inner lover, who only wants your best.
  • Choosing healthy options intuitively and happily.
  • Making courageous decisions that benefit you and all your loved ones in the long run.
  • Being totally at ease with abundance and pleasure.

This five month personal program offers accelerated alignment and transformation support across whole-of-life areas, with a semi-structured tuition and unlimited voice and email access.

Yes! You read that right! There are no fixed number of calls in this package. Which means we can both be flexible yet still have regular check-ins.  I can be there for you on your journey as you need me, without you worrying that are you asking too much of me. 

But, it’s not all about the talking.  

My wealth of accumulated life, spiritual, and entrepreneurial wisdom, knowledge and resources is yours to draw on. We can focus on your life purpose, your well-being, your relationship, your business. Any part of your life where your ‘issues’ emerge is all grist for this mill of transformation.

The package is designed this way so that you  …

  • have no waiting until scheduled time to discuss an emerging issue,
  • get to have me riding on your shoulder as decisions need to be made, and I can walk you through from an aligned perspective, and
  • get the information you need, when you need it.



Yes, there are bonuses

Bonus 1:  A 3-hour focus and strategy intensive to begin with. I want to hear all about you, your journey so far, your challenges, and your deepest desires.

Bonus 2: Lifetime access to all Wild Mary Academy small-bite courses. These provide the theoretical foundation for our work together, and are there as ongoing reference and refreshers for you.


Price and Application

If this is of interest to you, and we haven’t worked together before, let’s talk first so we know if we would make a good team.

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