Setting Imagination On Fire

It’s school holidays and that means my niece and nephew are at home for a couple of weeks. I live in a cottage on my sister’s rural property, so I get to stretch and flutter my aunty wings. When I can pin them down. The boy is 14 and the girl is 11, so they tend to be off doing their own thing more and more these days.

But I had a chance yesterday, when the boy was sitting on my deck, just chilling. I returned from a walk and sat with him. He’s frustrated because his dirt bike won’t go and he hasn’t got the money to fix it. It’s not helping that he’s hearing a few of his older mates riding their bikes in the bushland behind our place.

Now a 14 year old boy is as far away from my ideal audience as you can get. But we have a chat about his future. Well, I chat, he listens and grunts occasionally.

I share the possibilities I see for him, how he can build wealth and be free at the same time. His eyes sparkle at the ideas I put inside his head, and despite the many distractions he could use as an opportunity to get away from his aunty, like he often does, he’s choosing to stay and listen.

It occurred to me, later in the evening, that I had done the same for his mother, my sister, who is 12 years younger than me. We are both of the Chinese Dog signs, and I consider her my best friend.

This ability to set imagination on fire, and keeping it burning, is something I’ve always had, and I’m sure this is what led me to eventually choosing to study psychology or metaphysics. This is what I do whenever I speak to clients.

But I’ve never NAMED this gift of mine, so I haven’t actually recognised it or honoured it. Because it was just always there, and it was easy and natural for me.

I’m kind of chuffed to realise that I’ve always had this innate understanding of the power of the imagination to be the foundation of the life we create for ourselves. Imagination is at the heart of Feminine Magic.

Because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Even 14 year old boys get that.

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