Why are you, and thousands of women so restless?

Have you suspected for years that there must be more to life than just the daily soap opera grind of work-home-sleep?

Well, you would be right. Forgive me if you you’re not a complete newbie to the spiritual scene, but it’s still good to keep hearing this. You are not a body with a soul. You are a soul with a body. And it’s time – oh, is it time – for your Soul to take centre stage.

Your soul has been kept pushed down by society. Especially if you’re a woman. And especially once you got past a certain age, perhaps by having kids, and you then the pressure really started for you to be responsible. It’s not that soul and responsibility are mutually exclusive. But the soul’s responsibility is of a kind that is far removed from our cultural concepts of responsibility. Our western culture’s understanding of responsibility is of the kind where the soul is entirely denied expression. Again, primarily for women.

But something amazing is happening as we live. Bear with me for a few lines, here.

I want you to pause and take a breath. And really think of our little planet, Earth, floating around in space. In this big vast ocean of apparent nothingness. Sure, it goes around the sun, and then there are the other planets in our solar system. But we’re all just one happy little family, floating in rhythmic motion across the galaxy, one of an infinity of galaxies.

So I want you to think of the time scales involved. Think big. Think massively huge. Try to get a feeling of forever.

I want you to think about the rhythm of the galaxies, of the universe. Creation, un-creation, creation, un-creation. Endless repetitions. The breath of the gods, the heartbeat of the goddesses.

I want you to get a sense of the rhythms within that vastness of time and space. And feel how those rhythms are all basically similar. In-out. Up-down. Life making – life destroying.

So here we are, back on our tiny, but radiant little planet, this speck of dust in the galaxy, and how those very same rhythms also apply down here.

We have days, we have moon cycles, we have seasons. Those are the cycles that are small enough for us to experience and be aware of. But there are other cycles that our little gorgeous planet partakes of that are too vast for us to be aware of in our daily lives, and it’s only those who study such things, who are aware of them. I’m talking about the astrological cycles – and in particular, the precession of the equinox – where the zodiac wheel rotates at an almost inconceivably large scale. (I admit, I don’t yet fully understand the concept, but then, I don’t fully grasp how a car motor works either, so I’m not going to attempt to explain it to you. I recommend a Google search, and a YouTube search, if you’re interested.)

Cycles within cycles

Anyway, in the planetary precession of the equinox, each zodiac sign takes about two thousand years to travel through a section of sky, and it won’t be there again for almost twenty-six thousand years.

So, do you remember the excitement that was  felt around the globe, as we moved from 1999 into the next millennium?  Well, we are right now, crossing from the sign of Pisces, which has been present with us for just over two thousand years, and we are right now moving into the sign of Aquarius.

Yes, the precession of the equinoxes moves the zodiac backwards.

Aquarius is about technology, community, humanism, expansive thought, fairness, and communication. Whereas Pisces is about secrets, self-sacrifice, melancholy, faith, mysteries, and suffering.  Do you notice a very different flavour to these signs? There is a new energetic that is bathing our planet, that we are still in the early stages of moving into.

And on of the biggest impacts that it is having, is on the women of the world, both individually and collectively. I found it incredibly interesting to learn that the Age of Aquarius started making it’s impact felt in the mid 1800’s, around the same time that early suffragette movements were beginning to stir. And we can certainly see how the lives of women have improved in leaps and bounds since those ghastly repressive times that lasted for thousands of years.

And you know, the wonderful thing is, those leaps and bounds haven’t stopped for women! How good is that? Now that women have entered the sand-pits usually dominated by men, and have learned the ways of success, as defined by men, women are now in a position to re-shape and re-work many flawed and unhealthy premises that lie at the foundation of many of our culture’s institutions, and which have trickled across into our own psychology.

And here is where you, and thousands of women like you, come in. The Age of Aquarius is resonating your soul into an awakening. Not everyone has this resonance, the new epoch is still quite young and still fully emerging. You are at the vanguard of helping to transition this energy into the world. You chose to be here on this planet at this time.

And that is why you, and thousands of women like you, are feeling this inner sense of wanting to do more with your lives, of wanting to make a difference in the world. Yes, you can. But you can’t do it alone. And you don’t need to do it alone.

One of the biggest flawed myths that women like you come across is you need to be independent, to stand on your own two feet, and to master your craft and your business before taking any kind of major stand. That kind of thinking keeps the majority of people feeling small and unworthy, as they struggle in isolation and self doubt.

My intention within this little piece of cyber real estate, is to banish your self doubt, and let you know you are not alone. We will focus on increasing your knowledge of inner and outer processes, archetypal and psychological dynamics that are playing out in your – and everybody else’s – life, so you get the whole picture. But there will also be a practical aspect to this as well, as we explore new ways to model compassionate business building, and build new, joyful relationships with the energy of money.

Remember, the way it’s being done is not as good as it gets. Sisters, together we’re going to make it a whole lot better.

When you book a Tarot Assisted Consultation with me, I can join the many dots of your vast experience, and feel into the journey that is just waiting for you to say YES!


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