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These books were some of the pivotal resources that helped me to evolve the Gender Metaphysics Model of Individual Consciousness.


My Stoke of Insight. Jill Bolte Taylor. A TedX talk is available

The Alphabet vs The Goddess. Leonard Shlain.

Left in the Dark.

The Shadow King. Sidra Stone


Books and Authors you MUST know about to find out about the hidden games being played around us. Read their books or learn about them from youtube videos. Be aware that you may also find some of these books as free pdf’s scattered around the web. Search first, before you buy.

Edward Bernays. Nephew of Sigmund Freud, who used his uncle’s insights to develop more effective propaganda techniques and then he transferred this work into marketing.

I have found these free or low-cost resources to be very helpful as I was building traction for my Big Work. Play around with pdf’s. Pull them apart, merge them, convert them to Word, and a bunch of other stuff. Want to save all or part of a vimeo or youtube video to your hard drive? Or need to convert from one format to another? This free software will do it for you. Create professional looking images from their toolbox and templates. It’s entirely free provided you use their free templates. But if you don’t, it’s just pay-as-you-go at about US$1 per template or image.

Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels. Absolutely free images that require no attribution when used. There are probably more, but these are the ones I use.

Adazing. I discovered this when I went searching for a free book cover generator. But Adazing also has so much more for authors that they offer for free.

Audacity. This is a free, downloadable software to help you record your voice for soundtracks or podcasts. There is a bit of a learning curve, so take the time to learn. Search for some helpful youtube videos. (I use a Mac which comes with Garageband which is similar. I found Audacity to be easier to learn. But that’s just me. If you have Garageband, and find that easy to use, then you won’t need Audacity.)

Natasha Vorompiova. Natasha helps big-picture people to create systems for their businesses that free them up to concentrate on their Big Work. She offers a lot of free workshops to get you started.

These people are modelling an integrated masculine-feminine consciousness, so their work is at the threshold of solutions. I admire these folks immensely, and have learned much from them, personally and professionally.

Dale Allen Hoffman. A modern Christian mystic scholar, reclaiming the original meanings from the recorded Aramaic words spoken by Jesus Christ. Currently, Dale is teaching the reintegration of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine, in conjunction with his wife, his Sacred Magdalene, Loretta. Dale also has a number of youtube videos available that you can explore.

Naomi Wolf. Journalist and speaker, Naomi has a number of youtube videos of her speeches, so you can witness her in action. I found Naomi to be a powerful integrated woman with equal measure of head and heart. She is not afraid to display her vulnerable emotions to an audience, nor does she display defensiveness when she is challenged. Her current important work is how democracy is being closed down, but she also offers important insights into how we, as citizens, can open it up again.