I offer readings for Wild Hearted Women with a strong sense of calling to a purpose larger than themselves. My intention is to accelerate your learning and help you integrate your shadows so that you land successfully on your feet and do what you came here to do. The quicker, the better!
Marlowe asks, "What are you waiting for?"
My readings are laser-focused metaphysical consultations that cut through a lot of excuses and rationalisations. No namby-pamby here! You are stronger and more powerful than you realise. There is NOTHING wrong with you!

There are mysterious, hidden forces in life that impact on your journey in life. They live in your subconscious, in the collective unconscious, in the natural but occulted laws of life, and beyond the frequencies of our perception (UFO’s anyone?).

Your capacity to intentionally shape your life is in direct proportion to your self awareness and your energetic life-force strength, frequently called WILL. And I can tell you now, most women have had their life-force strength intentionally weakened through the cultural planting of the seeds of internal conflict. And almost all teachings on self-awareness miss the mark on this. Ironically, Willpower can get you started on your journey, but invariably it will fizzle away and leave you stranded in your intended journey, feeling like you’re just not good enough. Again. How many times in your life have you started and stopped on the way to your dreams? Willpower is not the answer, despite the overwhelming number of success books out there. Written predominantly by men for other men. Women buy into it because they don’t realise that our consciousness is designed differently.

What has been intentionally done to women, historically and currently, makes me so mad!  Which is why I’ve spent literally decades investigating this and learning how to deconstruct this illusion of powerlessness women have foisted upon them.

I don’t just do readings to forecast the trajectories of your choices. In my capacity as a Priestess Of The Sacred Feminine, I am also a teacher of Arcane Mysteries of the Feminine, deeply hidden in traditional (male-centred) esoteric teachings. These teachings take you totally into yourself … your inner aspects as well as outer aspects, and your higher aspects as well as your lower aspects.

I will give you forecasts of where your choices will take you, of course, and I also provide useful information that hovers at the edges of your choices, waiting for you to recognise and claim it.


Unique and Powerful Synergistic Multi-Deck Readings just for Heartpreneurs

I have designed a mind-blowingly powerful 4-level indepth reading for spiritual or magical women with a life purpose-based business at various stages of success and development.

These readings provide a well-rounded perspective on the issue you want to investigate, and are best suited for when you are looking for breakthroughs to the next level, or wanting to understand what your next lesson is.

Now, you can ask about money, love, health or any other aspect of your life, because I strongly believe that women do not segment their lives like men do. What happens in your love life will affect your business. Your business will affect your health, and so on. There are no boundaries within a woman’s life.

But don’t ask about the competition, or your lover, because my spotlight is fully on you and your success and challenges.

Heartpreneur Readings by Wild Mary

I offer only email readings. I get a richer, deeper signal that way. 

In fact, many online Tarot readers consider email readings to offer stronger, clearer and more accurate results than face to face readings. Readers who are particularly sensitive and empathic, find that the client’s presence is frequently a distraction because of the mixed energy they bring to the encounter. Whether it is from their anxious expectations, visceral reactions to the cards drawn, or perhaps a sceptical demeanour, these often add to a reader’s  performance pressure. All these factors can create a distracting noise to the intuitive connection a reader searches for in order to focus on supplying the client with answers.

Imagine if someone asks you to research something. And then they hover over your shoulder checking on what you are doing, asking:

– why you’re starting over here and not over there,

– shouldn’t you be following up on this thread,

– no, this reference doesn’t work for me, can you find me a better one, and so on.

Whereas, if left to your own devices to fulfil the task at hand, and after clarifying what goal the client was trying to accomplish, you would be more efficient in your processes and be able to provide a more focused, in-depth report for them.

Email consultations offer many advantages for you: Convenience, Speed and Ease.

  1. You get a written report that you can reference time and again.
  2. Your report is delivered within 2 business days of purchase.
  3. There is no juggling of suitable appointment times, especially in different time zones
  4. You don’t risk missing your appointment and forfeiting your payment.
  5. There is no technology hassle with internet dropouts or connection issues.

Don’t like email readings? Don’t worry, there are many excellent readers who will happily do readings by Skype or other audio-visual service.

What can a reading give me that coaching can’t?

Stepping across the threshold into the mystical world of Tarot and Oracle symbolism engages a part of your psyche (the right brain, or the feminine brain) that connects with the hidden realms forbidden and denied by our culture but that exist all the same.

Yes, you could see a coach – but there is no magic, no mystery. The coaching engagement is most often based on logic, reason, planning, action, self-discipline, and willpower. Really, it’s mostly based in a left-brain masculine success model.

Yes, the answers are inside you, but they are also in the field around you, in your DNA, and in the shadows of your heart. Not easily accessible to most people.

You come for a reading because you want your answers NOW. You need an objective perspective, free from your own wishful thinking and from your own emotional filters. You want to know where your options will take you, and which option is the smartest one long term.

Sometimes we need sacred guidance without all the heavy lifting. Some occasional bippity-boppity-boo sure would be nice!  🙂

I’m a Soul Alchemy Priestess with over 35 years of esoteric and occult research and experience behind me, culminating with a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences.You can read my story and credentials here if you really want to read more about me,

Marlowe says "Carpe Diem!"
So, what worries keep you awake at night? Isn’t it time to finally deal with them so you can focus on WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO? Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Here’s how it works …

After your payment, you will be directed to a link with the next instructions. If you miss this step, I’ll send you the link when I send you the email to connect with you. This is a personal email from me – not automated – so it will be sent out during Australian waking hours. 🙂

Your request then goes into a client queue and I do the readings in order of receiving them.

When I am ready to do your reading, I randomly select a synergy-set of four cards (from four separate decks) that will provide different perspectives on the same issue.

I will write up the report for you and email it to you within 2 to 3 business days. I will also send you images of the four selected cards per question. There are approximately 500-word responses to each question that you purchase, sometimes more, sometimes less.

After reading this report, you then have the opportunity to follow up by email, chat or phone call to request further clarity on your query. This is valid up to a month after your report gets delivered to you. It is important to me that you have clarity and connection with the insights I have gathered for you, and your success is the goal of my life purpose.


Are you ready? Select your Reading here.

Heartpreneur Readings



What some of my clients have said about my readings

This was a unique reading
A lovely concept and really spot on with the reading.
Thank you so much for your gorgeous energy. Amazing. Talk again soon.
Lovely reading, good advice!
Love the reading 🙂 made me smile
Fantastic reading, wonderful person. Thank you very much.
wonderful and spot on with the message thank you so much
excellent reading very good very kind to her clients goes out of her way
You did an amazing job on this card reading.
Was really impressed, truly gifted
A genuine person. Thoughtful reading. Beautiful card
I am very impressed. Great to deal with. Highly recommend.
Thank you for the insightful reading
Beautiful card and reading the message was one I needed to hear…thank you

Marlowe asks "Are you ready?"
My motto is Sapere Aude. It means Dare to Know! Dare to be Wise! Dare to Think for Yourself!  In other words, be LEADERFUL. Are you up for this? Yes? Fantastic!


If you have any questions about my readings, send me an email – marlowe @ wildmary.co – and I’ll get back to you.

To your thriving and success,


REFUND POLICY: Please be sure you are 100% certain that you want the purchased service, as there are no refunds for consultations once they have been provided.
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