First, I want to say that I adore women like you!

You have clearly demonstrated that you are a woman who is willing to take full responsibility for her life, and wanting to go deeper into the hidden energies surrounding you and your larger work.

What happens next?

I will be shortly sending you a personal email to acknowledge receipt of your request and payment. This may take a few hours due to time zone differences (I could be sleeping as you read this) or I might be away from my computer for a few hours (yes, this occasionally happens 🙂 )

In the meantime, please send me an email ( ) outlining:

:: Your question (or questions if you have purchased multiples)

:: Your desired outcome

:: Your perception of the obstacles to your desired outcome

:: Your website (if you have one)

:: Summarised background information that you consider relevant.

And I want to reassure you that I make no judgments about your situation, so please don’t be shy if you consider something to be embarrassing. No one will read this except me, and heaven knows I’ve made some cringeworthy decisions in my time. (Still do!) In the end, these are what builds our wisdom, right?

Then what?

Once I receive your email and confirmed your payment, it goes into a client queue, so don’t delay your email too long. In fact, do it now.

Then I will send you your report within 2 to 3 business days. If there is an unexpected delay, I will let you know promptly.

When you receive your report …

Print it out.

Read through it, and sit with it for a couple of days.

Take note of what resonates with your own Truth, and also what doesn’t. Pay close attention to your emotional reaction to what I’ve written for you, most particularly the negative ones. These are often your shadows and resistances at work Or I could just be totally wrong. It’s happened a couple of times! 😀

Because sometimes the answers aren’t quite what we want to hear, and can be hard to acknowledge.

Let me rephrase that … Sometimes the answers aren’t quite what our EGO wants to hear, but SOUL has deemed important to send to its attention.

Or, in another way again … Sometimes the answers aren’t quite what our INNER MASCULINE wants to hear, but our INNER FEMININE has deemed important to send to its attention.

Or, in a final reframe … Sometimes the answers aren’t quite what our LOGICAL LEFT BRAIN wants to hear, but our INTUITIVE, COSMIC RIGHT BRAIN has deemed important to send to its attention.

Now, the consultation doesn’t end with the delivery of the report. I invite you to send up to two emails asking for clarification or expansion on certain points to help you with your insights and breakthroughs. You have up to 30 days to follow up.

Because your joyful progress is important to me

So, what are you waiting for? Write and send your email to me now. 

I’ll be in touch soon.