Progress and Ascension

Progress can’t really happen without our conscious participation. But how do we transform ourselves into beings with better qualities and attributes? How do we measure progress?

In our society, we tend to measure progress externally with what we can measure and see objectively. We focus on our health, our work, our lifespan. There is a sense that the height of progress would be a paradise on earth. If things are to improve, most people expect that society must improve physically.

Which means:
* Better food and more of it,
* Increased comfort, and
* Relief of pain and suffering, including physical and emotional.

Our reality is seen as physical, therefore many solutions are targeted at the physical.

So the ultimate achievement is to live youthfully forever without lack or suffering.

Does that make us better beings? How would we do that?

It begins when we find something in ourselves that we desire to develop.
It begins when we explore how to help each other to develop new capacities that are currently dormant.

What if we were more proactive in designing the future of the world rather than leave it to chance, or the actions of those with controlling exploitative agendas?

If we can’t see it, it can’t happen. We need to develop a vision of our collective humanity in the centuries ahead that includes a growth in compassion, love and responsibility. While retaining our individuality.

What would that look like?

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