On Priestesses, Goddesses, and Women’s Power

I had a powerful epiphany last week. I have lots of epiphanies, but this one was stronger than most. And as they often tend to do, this one struck at about 2:00 AM.

In the last 12 months, I’ve been leaning in to be comfortable with identifying myself publicly as a Priestess. I’m very aware of the charge that this term carries, which is why I’ve tended to avoid it. But the more I wrestled with the ideas of what I am here to do, and who I’m here to do it for, and how I’m here to do it, they all came together under the rubric of Priestess.

So clearly, I needed to redefine how I thought about priestessing.

Which brings me to the Goddess revival that peaked a couple of years ago, and has now ebbed away to some degree.

I never could get into the Goddess thing. I have a thing about deities generally. I believe that if a being has a personality, then it has an ego, and an agenda. I’m more inclined to believe that many of the original beings that humanity, in various times and cultures, have deified as gods and goddesses, are most likely from cultures alien to our own. They are not automatically mystical beings, nor do they necessarily have the best intentions for us.

Further, the modern, popularisation of the Goddess culture was a cynical fostering of the me-me-me, it’s all about me, consumer culture that nourished a false sense of entitlement in order to sell a lot of merchandise. Diva is another word for Goddess

When you search online for Goddess related information, the overwhelming search results are for products and services. But when you search online for God, the results are predictably theological.

So do I believe in Goddesses? Or even God, for that matter? Yes, but not as personalities, and more in terms of energetic alchemy. As in what creates LIFE. As in what animates us. As in that which is the origin of consciousness, and all that consciousness entails, such as what is possible, what it collects, what it does with that information.

Imagination, Creativity, and Curiosity are all hallmarks, I believe, of Source Consciousness. Hallmarks shared by human consciousness. Impersonal, detached.

Humanity may be one experiment out of millions in the cosmos. At various frequencies, in various dimensions. Heck, why not? Soul can incarnate into any.

I have no idea how many layers our Spirit travels through between our physical incarnation and Source Consciousness.

So the best we can do is to embrace our here and now. As humans. This is our current canvas for the expression of our imagination, creativity, and curiosity. This is our current canvas for the creation of our experience of reality.

Some researchers say that our brain is wired for Love. Carolyn Leaf is one such person.

If this is true, then that is our purpose, collectively, here on this planet, as a species. Love is the divine mission of humanity.

And it is the right brain, the feminine consciousness processor, that embeds the processes of our Love design, this Love purpose of the grand, sacred human experiment.

Which now leads me to Priestesses, Goddesses, and Women’s Power and how they weave together.

Goddesses are the archetypes of feminine consciousness (possibly born out of actual beings from other species or advanced technological cultures). But for my purposes, as a Priestess, the Goddess, particularly as the Divine Feminine, represents an aspirational holder of all the highest and purest feminine energies that can possibly be expressed through our human gendered design.

My focus as a Priestess, is to bring these aspirational expressions through to conscious awareness, so that our imagination, creativity, and curiosity becomes super-charged. First individually, then collectively. This is what women’s power is all about.

My big epiphany was to realise how many women are actually here right now, doing priestess work, disguising themselves as coaches and teachers, mentors and healers. They are helping to bring individuals and groups into a higher awareness, to remind them of their forgotten or unacknowledged powers. Of imagination, creativity, curiosity. And love.

And that I am a Mama Priestess, whose role is to support such women in their priestess work.

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