The Priestess has returned

Priestesses are arriving on this earth plane to help with the raising of the collective consciousness of humanity.

I have no way of proving this, of course, but what I see and what I intuit tells me that this is so.

This involves restoring the Sacred Feminine energy as visible and valid, and recovering the Sacred Masculine from where it has been buried and neglected..

By reactivating these archetypal energies within both men and women, humanity can move past dysfunctional patterns that limit our potential, that repress our individual genius, and that keep us trapped in 3D time and space.

In other words, they are being called to plant new Truths into the world, into the collective consciousness.

They will feel called to be a healer, a teacher, a coach, a mentor, in any sphere of life. They may even be called to being a new movement or deliver a new technology.

They are here to call out the false reality that has enchanted humanity into passivity, to wake people up to their own magic via imagination and creativity.

They are you.

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