Pressure of Creation

I had a rough Sunday. Psychologically. My imagination was bubbling and churning with my desires, inspirations, fears, all clashing against each other. But what made me nearly explode was the largeness of my sense of what is possible.

My internal pressure rose to the point that I resorted to my habitual soothing of my psychic angst by eating crunchy things. Later, I upped the ante with some red wine.

This post title from another blogger pretty well captured the essence of my inner storm:
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until You Try To Teach What You Know.

And because I read so voraciously, I am always butting against the limits of what I don’t know. Which is great in one way, because I love to learn. I sense that I am on a life mission in the pursuit of Soul Mastery. But not so great, because it really complicates my plans for sharing what I am learning.

Someone wrote: “Reading is the in-breath. Writing is the out-breath.” Justine Musk, I believe.

For me, the out-breath is the teaching. Through writing, but also through didactic videos and audios.

The essence of who I am is a teacher. I am a teacher. A teaching priestess.

Funny how that is what I seem to be resisting.

No more.

This week I am creating the details of an educational project on the Patreon platform that I’m calling “Decoding the Feminine.”

Don’t expect it to be polished in the beginning, but do expect it to be rich in content.

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