The practical coaching Priestess

When Priestess culture was previously in ascension, collective consciousness was in a very different place. The right and left brain were in more open communication, which resulted in a more holistic worldview, an awareness and appreciation for nature, acknowledgment of the fragility of humanity, and an all-round richer spiritual cultural life. Patriarchy (and the left brain) was not as fully entrenched in dominance as they are now.

For the record, I have no ill-will towards the left brain. After all, we were all, men and women, designed to have one, so it’s clearly there for a reason.

It’s when it’s out of balance, when it’s not in right relationship with the right brain, that the left brain becomes, frankly, toxic. When the left brain assumes the dominant position, the contributions of the right brain are devalued and often ignored, in parallel with how we see men, in general, oblivious and even condescending, towards women’s values, priorities, and innate gifts.

This is obvious even in women. Modern women have been immersed in a left-brain educational gymnasium, which have given great muscle to the left brain, and ignored almost entirely the development of the right brain muscles. We see this at the top educational levels where culture enhancing courses such as arts and philosophy are at the most risk of funding cuts.

So zooming into the cultural milieu where returning Priestesses now find themselves, they cannot come back with the same skillset they have previously mastered. The work is the same, that of raising consciousness to its fullest human expression. But how they go about it needs to take into account, and incorporate the left brain.

In practical terms, it means downplaying the woo-woo (not abandoning it entirely) and using more of terms and strategies that the left brain is comfortable and familiar with.

Priestess work today is focused on restoring the right relationship between the left and right brains, beginning in women. Women feel the loss of their right brain wisdom much more deeply and sharply than men. This is why so many women today feel both lost and empty in their lives.

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