Wounded Womanhood

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The Mary Magdalene archetype is the ultimate healer of Wounded Womanhood. Wounded Womanhood is felt by women when they feel inauthentic and unpotentiated in any realm of their life. Wounded womanhood is felt rather than articulated. You feel there is … Continued

The Cult of Busy

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Our entire western culture is founded on the idea of the Protestant work ethic which was set into place during the reformation era by Martin Luther. The harder you worked, the more God would be pleased with you, and the … Continued

Nice Girl Secret

Personal power cannot come about theoretically. It has to be embodied. And for almost every woman, shame and embarrassment are the illusionary prison guards that keep us from expanding our consciousness and stepping into our fullest power. What do we … Continued

Progress and Ascension

Progress can’t really happen without our conscious participation. But how do we transform ourselves into beings with better qualities and attributes? How do we measure progress? In our society, we tend to measure progress externally with what we can measure … Continued

Gender Mist

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When we think of masculine and feminine, we think of boundaried categories. That it’s either one or the other. But think about gender in terms of diaphanousness. Like a gauzy veil or swirling mist. In some places it’s thick and … Continued