The unsuspected power of the Feminine

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Exploring the theme of macrocosmic energetics, feminine consciousness can be considered the wave form of energy, while masculine consciousness can be considered the particle form of energy. If you need some background to understand this statement, quantum scientists are aware … Continued

That space between your ears

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Our inner feminine and inner masculine each have two energetic phases. The expansive and the contractive. I encourage you to simply observe these dynamics within yourself without judgment. Our inner masculine is the soul energy that is filtered and processed … Continued

The value of elegance

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Elegance is one of my highest values. Wait. How is elegance a value? Many suns ago, early in my spiritual counselling career, I taught Emotional Elegance. I realised that most people were simply emotionally clumsy, and were simply not aware … Continued

Parkour of the Soul

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Here’s a riddle for you: What do you do whenever planets retrograde and threaten to turn your life upside down? Answer: Whatever the hell you want. It depressed me for many years that my astrological birth chart didn’t have any … Continued

Pressure of Creation

I had a rough Sunday. Psychologically. My imagination was bubbling and churning with my desires, inspirations, fears, all clashing against each other. But what made me nearly explode was the largeness of my sense of what is possible. My internal … Continued