If you feel at any stage, that you have been misled or exploited by me in any way, I will lovingly offer you a full refund on your purchase of any product or service, no questions asked. That being said, please also know these things:

I expect you to come from your purest heart in your request, otherwise you would be initiating a karmic reaction for yourself in a challenging way.

I reserve the right to not meet all your expectations. I can assure you there will be times when I disappoint you, annoy you, frustrate you. This is part of the process of relationship building that you may recognise as “forming, storming and norming”. As I lead you to meet and move through your limitations and resistances, you may be very tempted to quit. This is the time you most need to stay with the process in order to achieve those breakthroughs and never be held back by those particular limitations again.

I also believe there are no accidents or mistakes. If you feel prompted by your Higher Self to work with me or select my products, I would ask you to trust that I can help you progress in your own Spiritual searching and understanding.

I believe that what goes around, comes around. Multiplied.


Here is my unique Karma Guarantee:

If I do not come from my very highest integrity in supporting you and serving you in the highest way, my actions and intentions will rebound against me with more power than what I put out in the first place.


Now, why would I want to invite that into my life?