Because we are in such a major upheaval of energetic transition, moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius,  things are moving quickly and sometimes forcefully right now.  Although exciting, this is also creating a very unsettled environment with many new and innovative ideas emerging, and can seem quite confusing and overwhelming.  Many gurus and leaders are offering to show others the way, the truth. And many times they contradict each other.

As a result, there may be some mis-alignment between learning, knowledge, wisdom and action from time to time. To support your clarity and fullest alignment, I offer you this Code of Ethics as a standard of my own behaviour in my dealings with you.


1. I Will Do No Harm. I Will Actively Choose To Do Good.

All the work I offer is for the highest good of all, including myself. I will be careful of offering services that may harm or exploit either my clients or myself. I will be watchful of balancing expediency with integrity.


2. I Will Respect Privacy, Confidentiality and Boundaries.

I will not manipulate friendships or professional relationships to actively recruit clients. While I may inform them of what I do, and  allow them to approach me if they feel inclined to work with me, I will not force my services onto my circle of influence, no matter how much I may think they might benefit from them. I will not use information gained privately about my friends and associates to coerce them into paying for my services.

Further, I am legally bound to follow Australian privacy obligations when operating my business. I will not treat any information clients give me in a disrespectful manner that compromises their privacy.


3. I Will Not Put My Clients At Financial Risk.

I will never suggest that my clients make themselves financially vulnerable in order to pay me. If someone truly desires to work with me, I will trust that they will find a way to source the money.

If a client cannot afford my services at this time, I will hold a space for them to work with me in future, possibly in a different capacity. I will never cut off communications with anyone based simply on their current financial situation.

I will always be approachable to work out agreeable service and financial arrangements.

I work from a model of abundance and love, so I will be generous with providing free and affordable information that is deep and rich and life changing.


4. I Will Be Honest About My Abilities To Help Others.

I will be careful with what I claim I can do for my clients.

That said, this is a period of exceptionally accelerated unfolding of energy and rapid release of information into the world, so it can be difficult to always take the time to consolidate skills, knowledge and wisdom in the traditional ways. We are seeing rapid assimilations of both new and recovered embodied knowledge that is beyond the control of mainstream education.

That said, there is a strong core set of competencies that I have developed over the years, both professionally or informally. I will lead with what I KNOW I can do well and allow my sense of integrity to guide me with what else I will include that will serve my clients.


5. I Will Be Clear And Honest In My Communications.

(a) I will be careful with how I use the word “free,” so that it’s not a hidden way to push sales onto my clients.

(b) I will be careful with how I use the word “guarantee.” I can guarantee satisfaction, but not results.

(c) Any testimonials I choose to use will be clear and not misleading. I will not use testimonials to give the wrong impression of the outcome achieved, or my role in this outcome.


6. I Will Be Professional In Conduct.

Many of us, including myself, have at this time chosen to work with non-mainstream paradigms and modalities. Many of us have knowledge and insights that may appear strange and possibly provocative to others. Therefore, in order to be worthy of my clients’ trust and faith,  I will practice my beliefs and creativity with dignity and respect, in a way that is inviting and uplifting for others.

My work is aimed at the general public and not intended to be academically rigorous. However, I will acknowledge the sources of my inspiration wherever possible.


7. I Will Honour And Respect My Client Relationships.

I will display the highest regard and courtesy for where my clients are in their life journey, and support them to my very finest ability.

I also allow myself to decline to work with particular individuals on the basis of conflicting values or personalities, or that I sense that I am unable to meet their identified needs. And in such situations, I will always choose to act with good will and kindness.


8. I Aim To Be Uncommonly High In My Integrity.

As a Gnostic Priestess of the  Sacred Feminine, it is up to me to model the highest standards of integrity to those around me. I expect only the highest from myself. I am always open to recognising and dealing with areas where I catch myself not being my best, and I will be receptive to feedback where I may have blind spots. My own shadow work is a high priority for me.

While I do not expect myself to be a living saint, I do expect myself to always strive to live up to the highest levels of integrity.

These include Truth, Respect, Non-judgment, Kindness, Compassion and ALWAYS working for the Highest Good of All.  Above all, I honour the Karmic Law of “As I sow, so shall I reap.”


9. I Will Use My Skills Only For My Client’s Benefit.

Through the use of my cultivated insight and intuition, I will be careful of causing undue alarm for my clients. I will be careful with how I communicate any intuitive or psychic impressions, especially if they are likely to cause undue distress.

While I may challenge my clients, and hold the space to process their stuff, I will not leave my clients feeling fearful or despondent at the end of our time together.

I will not offer information about other people to my client, based on my intuitive or psychic impressions – eg, lover, competitors, etc.

I will not use any form of control, psychic, magickal, or otherwise, that limits another person’s free will.


10. I Will Foster Client Independence.

My ultimate aim is to free my client from their own limitations. While it may be personally flattering to know that my client wishes to keep working with me, if they are not making substantial progress in their goals, it may be time to let them go. I will be on guard to make sure I am not knowingly or unknowingly binding clients to me for egotistical or financial gain.


11. I Honour Client Relationship Dynamics.

Clients will often come to rely on their coaches and leaders as a natural part of the process, and may believe that no one else understands them so deeply.

Thus, they may inadvertently hand me a lot of their personal power, and I will be very careful to not exploit this trust, either financially, sexually or simply to feed my own ego. I will watch my own responses very carefully when working with clients who appear to become dependent on me, or wish to raise me on a pedestal.


12. I Commit to Ongoing Self Improvement.

In this accelerated time of unfolding, it is imperative to never allow myself to believe that I have reached “the end” of my quest for knowledge and understanding.

I will keep my mind and curiosity open on how to make ongoing progress in my own journey, either formally or informally, and I trust that my own Higher Wisdom will move me into action when the right opportunity or teacher comes along.

I will never ask any client to do anything I would not be willing to do myself.


And So It Is.