Private Coaching with Marlowe Aster

PhD and Gnostic Priestess of the Sacred Feminine

How it works

When you book your session, I will send you  a workbook that will guide you to explore your dreams, beliefs, and opinions about the Feminine.

Then at the scheduled time, we will have a 90 minute throwing “Pebbles in the Pond” session that breaks the surface and dives deep, finishing on an inspired note

I hate hustling through transformation, so I’m purposefully allowing for the tender process of unfolding and expansion to occur at a gentle pace.

A 45 minute ripple-effect session 7 to 10 days later, to explore the impact your new perspective has had on you. Again, we’re not just skimming the surface, but allowing for the juice to come forth.

6 weeks of email support – I send you personalised assignments and bespoke motivational reminders to help you integrate your new insights, and invite you to respond with any questions or insights that arise for you.

I also offer a special pricing on future PIP sessions. These are ideal as an annual recalibration, or when your facing some major upheavals in your life.

The cost is AU$397. For Australian residents, please note that GST is not payable at this time.

Note: If you have any questions about this package, or something needs to be fixed, send an email to wildmaryacademy (at) gmail (dot) com.