noun. Arcana
1. A deep secret; a mystery.
2. Specialised knowledge or details unknown to or misunderstood by the average person.
3. A secret essence or remedy.


What is Feminine Arcana and how is it different?


Like the view of everything else in our daily lives, the default view of the feminine is from the masculine perspective. It’s been that way for so long that most people, both men and women, take it for granted that this is just how it is. Men assume to speak on behalf of women. And women think it’s often easier to just let them, otherwise they risk getting mansplained to about their own experiences.

The truth is that women’s reality is of an unfathomable nature to men. They can only guess at it, and they often miss the mark because the feminine mysteries are simply beyond their easy comprehension.

Take women’s sexuality as a case in point. Demonised, trivialised, forcibly suppressed. And that was until only very recently.

Or childbirth. Clinicalised, traumatising for both mother and newborn, induced for the (guess which gender?) doctor’s convenience.

Or child raising. PhD endorsed regimentation, women forced to choose between career and bonding.

These are just a sampling and cover every facet of women’s lives …

















What I personally find heartbreaking in this state of affairs is to see how disconnected women are from their own feminine genius. Watching women live without the partnered guidance of their intuition, they believe that they are to blame for their struggles because somehow they’re broken or not good enough.



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