The Path of the Visionary Woman

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She carries the patterns of the past
But dreams a new future
And takes action now to plant the seeds.

She creates paths where there are none.
She forges bridges over improbable ideas.
She makes processes for the crossing.

She doesn’t follow other people,
But seeks wisdom and counsel from many springs,
And learns to learn from her own source.

She gathers tools and skills from assorted crafts.
Although she doesn’t know exactly what she will need,
She senses they are somehow required.

She looks for signs and omens,
But none are stronger than the fire in her own heart
For which she will gladly go through her own fear-filled shadows

She doesn’t ask others ‘where do you want to go?’
She goes where she is called, and beckons others to join her if they desire.
No guarantees except for Soul’s adventure.

Her way is uncharted and filled with possibility,
She opens up new territories of the mind, of the soul, of the heart.
New neighbourhoods of being with ourselves and with each other.

She has started and cannot go back.
Despite the stumbles, the tears, the isolation.
Her feet are being used by the Goddess walking back into the world.


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