Parkour of the Soul

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Here’s a riddle for you: What do you do whenever planets retrograde and threaten to turn your life upside down?

Answer: Whatever the hell you want.

It depressed me for many years that my astrological birth chart didn’t have any special markers for greatness or a special destiny. In fact, a lot of struggle was indicated. How motivating, right?

So as I’m scrolling through facebook today, it struck me how many esoteric pages and people I enjoy following are actually filled with constrictive information. With the best intentions, I’m sure. To warn readers of the storms ahead, to reveal hidden traps to unwary travellers.

There is a LOT of assumption that we are at the mercy of forces apparently beyond our control. This is simply not true. But it’s a game that many agree to, so it appears normal.

I have learned through wry observation that what is normal is very rarely healthy. Or the truth. Truth is always healthy by the way. They are synonymous.

When you return your consciousness to the core of who you really are, rules increasingly fail to apply to you. You learn to surf over the currents of forces that affect others dramatically. You learn to take advantage of what you have in the moment to leap and jump and twirl yourself where your desires are calling you. Like parkour for the Soul.

Again, it comes to what frequency you’re operating at.

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