Our secret hopes and motivations are revealed by our failures.

Like many other purposeful women who are trying to craft a prosperous livelihood from our calling, I find that many teachers we meet on this journey are at cross purposes with our own goals. I find that often they just don’t “get” us.

So even though it is we who are stepping away from the mainstream, we still search out and follow the advice based on traditional values and priorities. We are taught that this is how things are done, but often they just don’t work out for us.

Many of us, including me, say that we are not motivated by money. Except we are but we repress it. Our relationship status with money is that “it’s complicated.” The same could also be said for fame, prestige, influence, status. We clearly say it’s of no interest to us, that we just want to feel good inside ourselves and be in alignment with our higher selves. We are here on a divine mission …yada yada yada.

Now I believe that it’s true at one level … we don’t want to buy into the shallow materialism of these traditional goals.

But if we are honest with ourselves, why are we disappointment when our light isn’t more widely celebrated? Where do we feel let down … by ourselves, by others, by life?

I guess it’s a transition time, pushing away an old paradigm, while the new one is still being birthed and yet to build substance. We are the ones who will give this new paradigm substance. But to do that, we need to be willing to dive into our shadows.

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