Mummy and Daddy Politics

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Some might call my cynical, but I prefer to think of myself as seeing the larger game. Particularly in politics. Particularly in the US right now.

I don’t wish to get into any discussions about the rightness and wrongness of what Trump or any other politician is doing. For me, it’s interesting to see what they are doing and what reactions they are precipitating.

There is a WELL-KNOWN tactic that the controllers use … controlled opposition. And within this tactic, is the game of problem-reaction-solution, or often called the Hegelian Dialectic.

The two sided political system is just a play out of the masculine energy and the feminine energy. The right (Liberals, Republicans) represent the paternal influence, Big Daddy. The left (Labor, Democrats) represent the maternal influence, Big Mummy.

Daddy wants you, the metaphorical child, to pull your own weight, do your fair share, shows either tough love or ruthless and authoritarian heavy handedness. It is about boundaries and limitations. This system encourages individualism. Individuals either rise up to the challenge and find their mettle, or wither in defeat.

Mummy wants to take care of you, again the metaphorical child, but only if you’re not selfish. The greater good is more important than individual, and can have the effect of disempowering your own autonomy. It tends to discourage and smother individuality by promising long term support that fosters dependency on the state. It’s very much a “There, there, don’t you worry about that. Mummy will take care of it for you” approach. Things don’t happen in a hurry because the cynical game is that everyone needs to be consulted, and everyone’s opinion matters. But of course, the result is pre-determined before the consultations even begin.

These are the two pendulum extremes and at some point, they merge and become indistinguishable from each other.

It is one set of puppet masters who shape the movement forward, like one step after another, swinging from maternal to paternal influence to make it appear to the population that they have choice over who they want in charge – mummy or daddy. But have you noticed that (very rarely) do they undo the changes that were put in place by their predecessors.

The GRAND ILLUSION is that we are shaped to believe that these two dialectics are the only option we have. That this is how it is, and will forever be. And that we have to use the dysfunctional system to try and bring changes.

A major principle of the Feminine Arcana is that options are unlimited even within apparent restraints.

This is why it is imperative to foster our imagination and creative thinking. It is our creativity which will supply the quantum leap insights that will catapult humanity out of our messy dramas. And that is a quality of the feminine … quantum leaps. And that is why it is more important than ever to cultivate authentic feminine power.

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