A Modern Priestess

For a priestess, I don’t fit the expected mould. I don’t do yoga. Or crystals. Or even meditation in the traditional OM way. I rarely make conscious connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky, moon or year cycles. In the climate where I live, I’m preferring tracksuits and ugg boots to long flowy gowns.

In fact, you could rightly consider me a bit of a dag and an intellectual nerd. I sit far too long at the computer each day. It is my work-tool, my creative tool, my entertainment and the main way I engage socially with people on my wavelength. If I didn’t live on my own in a regional part of the world, I’d tell myself I need to get out more. But it’s fine for now.

One of my chief pleasures in life is scanning the cyber-etheric realms for ideas to compost in my subconscious. I imagine I’m an eagle soaring high above the world, casually browsing the landscape for anything worth closer investigation.

I search for science that has heart, and woowoo that makes logical sense. But regardless of how fascinating a topic is, I don’t usually join or follow groups or organisations because the collective energy is frequently a distorted exaggeration of personal energy, which is often mixed and muddy.

Because of this, I evaluate everything, regardless of what side of the fence it sits on. Truth is always mixed with deliberate or unwitting dis-information (alternative facts?). So I research the pro’s and con’s of all issues as a matter of course, and make my own decisions about people and topics.

For me, making up my mind is a whole-body experience, and the decision I make has to be wholly aligned within all of me. If it isn’t, then either more research is needed, or I disregard it and it doesn’t get invited into my world.

Central to all my research is Women’s Consciousness. It is my reason for being here on earth because when women doubt their power by doubting themselves, that is when my buttons get pushed and I really get really charged up. My big-sister Eagle energy emerges and I become fiercely educative and didactic and I imagine I come across like a nagging harpy. This is my weakness that I have tried to resist. This is my strength that I am now willing to claim.

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