Who is this course for?

I designed this program to address women’s seemingly relentless

  • Lack of self-confidence,
  • Internal struggle with self-doubt and second-guessing themselves
  • Self-sabotage, and
  • Confusion about their purpose, despite having a strong sense of it.

It is heartbreaking to witness inspired, intelligent women struggle with expressing their life purpose in a business context.


This program is offered in three modules, each are stand-alone and available for individual purchase.

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FemMindset Series

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1 copy

Establishing a Strong Feminine Mindset Foundation



You Will Learn To ...
Discern and hear the voice of your inner feminine through the noise of your inner masculine headtalk (aka your heart and your head)
Calibrate the right relationship and balance between your inner feminine and inner masculine. - why is this important … because misogyny begins inside our head.
Trusting your intuition to lead and guide your life and business
Navigating your life with utter feminine confidence and style
Relax into your Feminine

For detailed information on Module 1 of the Feminine Mindset and Business Calibration Series visit Establishing a Strong Feminine Mindset Foundation page.

The price for Module 1 is US$99

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Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2, and yes, Module 2 is a prerequisite for Module 3.

All Modules are US$99.

If you still have questions, feel welcome to contact me at marlowe @ wildmary.co


long image FemMindset Series

Create Your Life The Feminine Way

Dynamic Visioning

3 copy

Re-Imaging Your Business With Feminine Soul

Note … this is not so much targeted at the cash end of your business, but at you as the heart and soul of your business. Everything in your business emanates from your mindset. About yourself, about what is possible for you and for your business.

Without this alignment, you continue to have a muddy filter through which you endeavour to craft your business.


You Will Learn
Clarity … what do you want to release into the world?
Clarity … personal motivation
Why you resist marketing and selling, and the quantum leap solution
The reason for the struggle - the system is not designed for you
Removing the barrier between you and your business persona.

Strengthening your signal to the world.

Creating a strong resonant signal

Dissolve Procrastination and Resistance with Intuitive Time and Task Management