5 Types of Men Who Resist The Traditional Male Power Paradigm

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Five kinds of men who subvert the male power paradigm.

Believe it or not, there are many, many men who are also trying to move beyond the male power paradigm. The authoritarian model is just as damaging to the healthy male psyche as it is for women, so the movement to transfer into a different model is not an anti-men movement.

1. One group of men who have difficulty in being comfortable in the current structure are often artists, musicians, writers and others with a strong creative or sensitive streak.

Excessive drug or alcohol use is often a reflection of the misfit between such men, and the paradigm’s expectations of “real men.”

2. A second group of men are those who have strong mystical leanings, who see beyond the duality of male and female, and have a strong experiential gnosis of the Sacred Feminine mystical energy.

3. A third group of the men are from the alternative crowd – the hippies and the environmentalists. These eco-warriors also have an appreciation of the feminine in a larger archetypal context, as in Mother Earth or Gaia.

4. And then there are the subversives, that group of men who objectively critique the current male power paradigm and run the risk of being sidelined as crackpots. Men such as David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Mark Passio, Jon Rappoport, and a growing number of others.

5. The final group of men are the cutting edge thought leaders and innovators – like Richard Branson and Simon Sinek – who through following their own inner compass, create breaches in the current authoritarian system.  Many of the technologies invented in the last 200 years have laid the groundwork for catapulting women from being considered chattels to being leaders of countries and other women of considerable influence.

This is not to say that men like these don’t ever benefit from the traditional power paradigm, but they are, each in their own way, through the “privilege” of being in the in-group, challenging and undermining the old authoritarian ways. Men like these help to expand closed thinking which have actually helped to open up opportunities for modern women that were not available to previous generations.

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