Meditation And Blessing Circles

Meditation is a super powerful way of giving strength to that quiet little voice that whispers your dreams and calls you forward to live the life you were meant to live. It is also the voice of miracles and the voice of creativity, which includes creative solutions.

Another way of thinking about it, is that meditation stills that critical, skeptical voice within, the one that always compares you to everyone else, and keeps cracking the whip whenever it decides you’re not good enough.

So, in other words, meditation helps to rebalance your thinking and gets you using parts of your brain that usually doesn’t get much of your attention.

This the heart-brain, the body-brain. It communicates in images, daydreams, feelings, impressions. Have you guessed that I’m talking about the right brain?  Also known as the female brain.

Now for the mandatory boring stuff that you read everywhere about the benefits of meditation. Like, people who meditate on a regular basis have greatly improved psychological benefits such as:

  • greater creativity
  • decreased anxiety
  • decreased depression
  • decreased moodiness and crankiness
  • increased fulfilment and happiness
  • improved learning ability and memory
  • increased energy and generally feeling younger and more lively.
  • increased emotional stability

As well as a whole range of physical health benefits too, including:

  • Lower stress rates
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased air flow to lungs, and oxygen in the blood
  • Lower heart rate, therefore reduced workload for the heart.

But for me, the main benefit of meditation is that you build your female right brain muscles so that it can stand up to that bossy male left brain voice.

It’s simply that our society, based as it is on productivity and profits,  is so left brain focused that it doesn’t acknowledge the value of what the right brain contributes to the quality of life.