1. I lost my right eye when I was 6 years old. A little boy and I were throwing stones at each other, and his aim was better than mine. My parents took it much harder than I ever did. Occasionally I get self conscious, and looking at photos of myself is very hard.

2. I used to design and create fancy dress and theatrical costumes for my husband’s business, which I did for about 5 years.  Before that, I couldn’t even sew!

3. I never had a pet in my life, but now I’m wolf-mother to a pack of 3 dogs, who I love madly and deeply. My family was totally stunned to hear of my conversion to animal lover! [Update: Now I only have one dog with me – Twiggy. I left the other two behind with my ex-husband. I miss them very much.]

4. After an outrageously wild period in my twenties, I chose to be celibate  while I undertook my first batch of University studies. I instinctively knew that I needed to keep out of relationships as my behaviour was often dysfunctional and self-sabotaging. This was a great centring time for me, and I developed some very close female friendships. My period of celibacy lasted for over 6 years and really helped me to establish a good relationship with myself.

5. I didn’t marry until I was 35. I met my (now ex-) husband by answering an ad in the singles column in our local newspaper (yes, this was before the internet). He proposed, and I accepted, after two weeks. It was one of those decisions that felt right, right at the core of my being.

6. We were married for over 20 years. And although it was pleasant enough, in the end, I felt cramped and bored. My soul was yearning for a more meaningful and expansive live. So in 2013, I left. We are still on good terms, but we have drifted into different worlds and have very little in common anymore. I travelled over 4,000 kilometres across the country from north to south, to live in my favourite sister’s household. This is where I am now.

7. I don’t have any children, by choice. I’ve always known with absolute certainty since I was a little girl that I never wanted my own children. Mum always said I’d change my mind, as my biological clock would tick away, but it never happened.  As I’m now in my third stage of womanhood,  she finally believes me.. 😀

8. My family migrated to Australia from Germany in the mid 1960’s,  which is where I and my next two sisters were born. I am so grateful that they moved here, because I would have turned into a completely different person if we had stayed there, and I was pulled into the German system. I like to laugh and play, and I just can’t imagine the idea of a German stand-up comedian. (If you know one, please let me know 😛 ). Growing up  in Australia, explains why my spelling is funny 😛

9. Marlowe Aster is not my birth name. I chose it for the kaballic numerological vibration to support my life purpose.  My original name was in conflict with my life purpose, and like many women, the name that people knew me as, varied considerably, and included misspellings, maiden name, married name, hyphenated names, shortened versions of my first name.  So, now I have my own, self-chosen name to match my self-chosen life.

10. My spiritual and personal development journey began in my very early 20’s after a failed suicide attempt, precipitated by a relationship breakup. My breakthrough came when I realised that by killing myself, I was only destroying my body and not my soul, and that my soul would simply re-create another body through which it could come and learn it’s intended lesson.  I decided I didn’t want to start from square one again, by going through another childhood and adolescence. And that if I was truly Soul, and I was here to learn certain lessons, then I had better roll up my sleeves and get serious about it.  Life has been a great adventure ever since.

11. I love classical music, especially baroque and early music. I am also fond of ancient music from around the world.

12. My favourite hobbies are learning and reading. Now I also add jewellery making into the mix, and the focus of my craft complements the work I do with empowering women to discover their true nature.