Yes, I am a big sister, and I have four younger sisters – Gabrielle, Ulrike, Stefanie and Cornelia. No brothers. My mum’s name is Ingrid, and she raised us. My dad died when Conny was still a baby. We sisters span a 14 year age range.

What this gives you a clue about is that
1. I’m bossy 😀
2. Responsibility is my middle name, and
3. I LOVE being in the company of women.
4. I think women are a whole heap more “together” than men.
5. I have a German background.

I put this here, under Philosophy and World View, because my background has been a major influence in where I am today, and the journey I took to get here.

I’m also a Pisces Sun sign, with an Aquarian Moon and Venus. So I feel well placed, energetically, to straddle the two ages that the world is transitioning from and into. In fact, that is what I feel my life purpose to be – to help people cross that bridge from the old world into the new world.