Have you guessed yet that I’m in Australia? Well, this where I live, in tropical North Queensland, in a small city called Townsville (named after an early investor called Robert Towns). It’s a very pretty place, with a great tropical lifestyle. But summers can be uncomfortably steamy for prolonged periods.

I live in our own, low set brick house, with my husband Sonnie, and our three dogs, Woody, Alice and Twiggy.. I hate cooking and housework, and spend most of my time on the computer, writing, networking or, cough, researching.  The internet has been a true godsend into my life.

I’m almost always enrolled in one course or another, because I’m almost fanatical about expanding my skills and knowledge. My goal is to live a fear-free and meaningful life, so I love investigating whatever it is that tends to hold us back, and how we can overcome that. And when I unlock one aspect, I tend to get a bit carried away with sharing it with others.

One of my big interests include listening to classical, early and world music, which either evoke earlier lifetimes, or put me into a creative and relaxed state. Don’t get me started on my opinion of pop music mind control!

Really, I’m very odd and boring when outsiders look at my life. I don’t share many popular or mainstream interests. And it’s really hard for me to explain what I do.

Astrologically, I’m a Pisces, which allows me to bridge easily into the realms of intuition, imagination and creativity.   I also have the challenge of needing to withdraw and retreat on a regular basis.

And I have an Aquarian moon, which ensures that my curiosity about stuff covers a very broad field.

And my Sagittarius rising helps me to share or teach what I’ve uncovered, and underscores my work in spiritual and the  metaphysical areas.