Hi, I’m Marlowe Aster, the Big Sister behind this site.

I’ve been resisting being mainstreamed my whole life.  I’ve always felt that there was something seriously wrong about many of the basic assumptions in society, so I’ve kept myself as a fringe player for most of my 50-something years.

For so long , I thought there was something wrong with me. Now I know for sure, there is a lot that is wrong in our culture. And I’m on a mission, as are many of you, to fix things around here! 😀

So then, in early 2013, after some deep soul searching, I decided to enact some MAJOR decisions in my life, including leaving my 20-year marriage and moving across the country to be with my Soul-Mate sister. This fresh start is what you’re now seeing and reading on this site.

I’ve been desiring to reach and teach women about their power for years. Finally all my excuses have run out.
Now, to save this being über-long and stodgy reading, here are the links that will take you to whatever you want to know more about.