The Male Power Paradigm (or the Patrix)

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The Patrix is a pyramid power structure, that uses hierarchical authority.  It is a template for organizing society.


Yes, you read that right. Patrix. The Patriarchal version of the Matrix. Matrix comes from the Latin root Mater, meaning Mother. It doesn’t really make sense to use it in the patriarchal context, does it?

Everyone has someone to answer to. You are only told what you need to know in order to do your job effectively. Very few people know the full picture of what’s going on, of the goals of the company.  This helps to keep people segmented and boxed in.

Institutions make the rules that need to be followed. Institutions are the rule and policy makers. Institutions can be government or non-government.  Academia, justice, police, military, medical, commercial, legal, corporate, etc. They do not value individuals but absorb individuals and homogenise them into “team” players.

Freedom and individuality is NOT encouraged by institutions and corporations. Subdue your own ethics, beliefs and integrity.

The education system, including university, designs you to be a cog in someone else’s wheel.

Who is at the top of the pyramid?  Does it REALLY matter? No. You can self-actualise by simply stepping out of the patrix.

A lot of people get distracted by conjecturing about the hidden power games that are behind all institutions and corporations.

So how do you step out of the patrix?

  1. Drop out and live off the grid, or
  2. Educating yourself about the true nature of your Self.
  3. Expand your awareness of how the patrix hypnotizes the population
  4. Be responsible for your own life and your own choices, with a determination to pursue your highest good.

It is the nature of duality to have a “front” side and a “back” side, so the visible and the hidden aspect. Or life-expanding and life-withdrawing, or energy-enhancing and energy-sucking.  Have you noticed that all these drill down to the essence of Love and the essence of Fear.  Guess which one the patrix works on?

Mark Passio, on his site, What On Earth Is Going On (.com) uses the terms “magic” to refer to the use of hidden (occult) knowledge for life enhancement and “sorcery” when this knowledge is used for power and control.

Does this sound like a Lord of the Rings plot? There are patterns that play out in many levels. The hero’s journey.

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